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Divorce process of self-employed individuals is not identical to such of employees!

The self-employed or those who are married to a self-employed spouse, know that there are many other economic issues that require attention such as: division of business property, reputation, taxation, investments and liabilities, keeping ownership control  position, pension and more.

There are other economic issues that need to be considered

For the past 20 years I have been accompanying and representing in divorce proceedings. I work with a broad understanding of business models, negotiation management skills and have used tactical and strategic tools alongside comprehensive spatial business vision and down to details. I am here with the goal of maintaining your assets and achieving effective results for you. I have a long and practical familiarity with the laws and regulations pertaining to your special situation and a basket of legal solutions and tools that will help you overcome the personal crisis without turning it into an economic crisis.

Want to get the maximum you deserve?

Have you decided to join the statistics, end your relationship and embark on a new path? I argue that no matter who you are, how much you earn and where you live, you do not have to lose everything and crash but can manage the crisis wisely and move on with your life while maintaining managerial and financial control over your business. In fact, it is a real revolution in the field and a proven and effective method. Sounds promising? Keep reading.

It is a well-known fact that more and more couples in Israel are deciding to divorce. In fact, one in three couples divorces in Israel and this is already a real “epidemic” and is undermining the existing relationship model. The decision to break up is never easy and is accompanied by quite a few fears and anxieties which are common to most couples who decide to end the relationship. Most of the concerns relate mainly to the economic side of the separation (alimony, decline in living standards, etc.) and the issue of child custody.

I argue that it is still possible to divorce and remain in managerial and financial control of your business and assets while protecting your children. These are unprecedented news for many couples who think that in divorce there are only losers. Via a personal conversation it is possible to understand how I do this and what am I offering to the self-employed or those who are married to a self-employed who come to me in order to divorce properly and without complete and unnecessary destruction of their entire economic system.

So what do I do differently?

Above all I believe in humanity and maximum fairness. I always strive to end the relationship with a minimum of “casualties.” It should be remembered that the main goal is to allow the continuation of life even after the fog of the battle dissipates. I always strive to clear the process from revenge and pain and keep the process clean, according to the law, while striving to maintain a fair and respectful attitude. I know the marriage and relationship is over between the parties but the relationship will be forever through the children, alimony payments and other life events will continue, so I always strive for a non-jarring ending that will allow for continued communication at some level later on.

The ideal model for divorce – actual manager

Over the years I have developed a multi-step method that perfectly encompasses all issues related to divorce and provides legal and personal strategies for managing the process with minimal harm. I believe that through in-depth knowledge of the law alongside striving to maintain fairness and protect the economic rights of the divorcee it can also be done differently.

Anyone who understands that it is possible to divorce and get what you deserve without hurting those who are important to you can benefit from this method

I decided to make my method accessible to the general public in order to allow them to divorce in a minimum of time and pain. This is a revolutionary online course and the first of its kind in Israel. The course is minimal in order to expose it to as many divorcing couples as possible. In the course I guide those who have decided to divorce how to behave and especially what mistakes that might hurt them to avoid. I offer today valuable content to divorcees who want to maintain their sanity and humanity on the one hand and also protect their economic rights and especially protect their children.

​And it works

Definitely. After 20 years of experience I can say with certainty that I cracked the code for a successful divorce, if you can call it that. Having dealt with divorce proceedings with serious financial complexities and difficult issues of parental alienation, attempts to evade money from joint accounts and more, I can say today with certainty that I can conduct a divorce process, complex as it may be, using my multi-step method.

Message before the end

Yes. Even if you have decided to divorce it does not mean that you should be sucked into a journey of self and mutual destruction. The most important thing is that you remember that your children are the most important and that you should avoid harming them at all costs. And most importantly – get ready for the process. knowledge is power. Knowledge will help you protect and safeguard your children and your financial rights and avoid critical mistakes. You must control the process and know how to manage it correctly and wisely.

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