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Real estate

Anyone who is about to acquire a property needs the services of a lawyer who specializes in real estate transactions, because there are many bureaucratic procedures that must be followed and substantial sums of money are usually involved. It is therefore important that such transactions be handled in a professional manner.

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What exactly is a real estate lawyer?

A real estate lawyer is usually a land lawyer who also provides real estate law services. Such lawyers have specialized specifically in the laws and regulations in the real estate field, including laws that relate to properties intended for rent or sale, locating properties and matters connected with liens, collateral, receivership, etc.

Real estate lawyers are also familiar with land taxation – an important field in its own right that a lawyer must know in order to advise clients when necessary. Our real estate lawyers, like lawyers in other fields, also represent clients to the authorities and state institutions and liaise between them, while maintaining the client’s best interests as our top priority.

In addition, a real estate lawyer represents private clients to building contractors, and in certain cases even represents the contractors themselves when they need legal representation in matters concerning construction and property, such as the protection of the contractors’ rights, building guarantees and the like. Real estate lawyers are essentially the only attorneys who specialize in and are responsible for the legal aspect of all matters connected with land transactions and the lawyer’s role is of paramount importance, because an unqualified person or even a commercial business is not proficient in all these matters and could incur financial losses and anguish.

Legal assistance for real estate transactions

When a person wants to purchase an apartment or some other type of property, he has to find out how to complete the process smoothly and properly, without any unpleasant surprises along the way.

Like any transaction involving a very large sum of money, sometimes this requires obtaining a mortgage, taking a loan or selling another property. There are many was to guarantee such a transaction for the buyer and protect his rights, but someone who is not a professional, specializing in this field, will probably not know all the fine details as well as a seasoned professional and this is precisely the reason that it is worthwhile investing in the services of a real estate lawyer, from a consultation on the contract right down to the final official details.

A lawyer’s role can also include a variety of actions – such as filling out and sending forms and applications to the authorities, including: capital gains tax, land improvement tax, purchase tax, municipal taxes and the like, without bypassing or missing stages in the process, which could cause problems later on. The real estate lawyer also notifies his clients regarding exemptions and leniencies for which they are eligible, and drafts the contract or reviews the contract provided by the other party and ensures that it is fair and in order.

How does one choose the best lawyer?

First, there is no relevance to whether one chooses a lawyer who works on his own or for a big firm, but in both cases the following parameters should be examined before making a choice:

* Years of experience – The more experience a lawyer has, the more proven successes he will have with past clients.

* Client list – Check the clients who have worked with the lawyer. The type of clients can attest to the quality of the service. If the list includes well-known companies or large institutional bodies, they can attest to the quality and success of the services provided by the lawyer or firm.

*The size of the firm – this consideration is not always relevant but generally speaking firms that employ a large number of lawyers have better quality service because clients can choose from among several lawyers and the size of the firm often attests to the large clientele (for this reason the services may also be more expensive, but the investment is usually worthwhile).

* Recommendations – These can often be found via a quick web search, but if possible it is worth speaking to previous clients. Obtaining first-hand information is one of the best ways to get a clear, reliable picture of what to expect.

In short, a real estate transaction is a complex and complicated legal matter with many aspects and is usually among the major transactions in our lives. It is therefore a good idea to invest in a real estate lawyer and choose carefully, in order to have professional advice and assistance throughout the process and to ensure its success in the long run. In many cases saving money is important, but by investing in professional guidance you can often avoid other expenses in the future and even get unexpected refunds or other benefits.

Our office has considerable experience and a good reputation in the real estate sector and we have a battery of lawyers and professionals who specialize in this field in Israel and various countries around the world who would be happy to be at your services at any time.

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