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How to avoid financial harm during a divorce

The most common cause of fatal financial harm to you and your business as a result of a divorce proceeding, lies in the fact that self-employed, business owners, (or those who are married to self-employed) are not assisted by a business and negotiation attorney, but instead are advised by a family lawyer which they know or had a general recommendation for, and not specifically of relevance to the field of business.

The legal system (such as lawyers, judges, social workers) usually deals with the child’s economy and almost never refers to the father’s financial situation. I do implement a legal strategy and raise legal arguments regarding preserving economic rights and caring for the economic future of both children and their parents.

A family lawyer who is inexperienced in the business field and in understanding economic models is unable to understand all the delicate and complex nuances in this type of divorce proceeding, and therefore will find it hard to obtain the maximum you deserve and keep everything all that you have achieved so far. After two decades in the field of family law, it goes without saying that I am well versed in the relevant laws, but beyond that, it is important to know how to “stretch” the boundaries of their interpretation. Even when the legal system speaks of the “language of the law,” achievements must be produced through the “spirit of the law.”

So what do I do differently?

I identify in advance possible legal moves, and produce various arguments from other directions and thus manage to surprise the other party, and also manage to bring a creative solution to the legal dispute and end it quickly to the satisfaction of all parties. Beyond the basic required legal work, I broadly examine the big picture and direct my clients in a precise path, which will better articulate their claims and demands and also best convince the ruling judge.

I understand that the judge is a “flesh and blood” person with thoughts and feelings. Like me, he too looks at the big picture and examines not only the legal aspects but also the human aspects and understands that there are laws and there are people. After 20 years I know that the “dry” law cannot express the internal and mental struggle of my client, whether it is because of his gender or his emotional state or whether it is because of his factual and legal state.

As a family lawyer, I examine with the client his marital life, his emotional and financial situation, his relationships with his children, and help him define his successful and desired outcome. Of course, each case on its own merits, what worked in one case, can be considered a mistake when done in another case.

Self-employed or married to a self-employed person?

הליכי גירושים

Divorce of a self-employed person is not the same as divorce of an employee!

Although your marriage is coming to an end, it does not mean that you have to lose business as well – there are many other economic issues that require special attention.

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Are you initiating or responding?

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80% of divorce cases are opened by women

Hence, the time for men to get organized to find a suitable lawyer and prepare for the divorce process is relatively short, so it turns out that every action and statement you are going to make from now on, has an impact on both the process and the result.

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Nice to meet you, my name is Hagit Lev

עורכת דין לענייני משפחה

I am a lawyer and mediator in family matters and divorce

I understand that if you came to my site through Google or Facebook and not through a recommendation you received from a friend, then the thought of choosing a lawyer that will suit you – concerns you.

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By meeting you, I will understand your personal case and then I will introduce you to the available options and their implications, and of course I will answer your questions.

There are many issues in the family life that have a legal implication. Conducting family law proceedings is subject to the authority race. In parallel with the Family Court, there is also a rabbinical court, whose role is to deal with the issue of divorce and obtaining a divorce according to Jewish Halakha. This authority is exclusive, and it is not possible to discuss obtaining a divorce in a family court.

The question arises, what issues are considered in the case of a family lawyer? The answer may seem trivial – any issue that relates to the family relationships. However, there are precise definitions under the law of all the issues discussed in the Family Court.

Among these matters, can be found the division of inheritance, child support payments following an event of separation or divorce, children custody after divorce or after an exceptional event and more. This is the place to indicate who exactly are the people defined in the law as family members – a family member can be a child, grandchild, present or past spouse (or his relatives), a parent and siblings.

What is the difference between a general attorney and a Family Lawyer?

Most often, in other legal areas, all the agreements are made on written and formal contracts. The main problem in the field of family law, is the agreements and promises, which are usually given verbally and without any written reference. As a result, there is often a situation where each member of the family interprets the agreement made as he sees fit, and the exact interpretation cannot be traced. In addition, one family member may give much weight to a statement made impulsively. The field is saturated with feelings and emotions, which make it complicated and complex in comparison to other fields of the law. It is difficult to attribute rationale to actions taken by family members during a conflict, and many times these actions result from complex psychological feelings and processes and not necessarily from pure considerations of viability and economic gain.

There are cases where family law does not remain an ordinary family dispute, and it leads to criminal offenses. Unfortunately, such cases contain various situations in which one of the family members commits a criminal offense such as forgery, fraud and in extreme cases – even violence.

Choosing the right family lawyer for you

If so, when looking for a divorce lawyer, it is very important to put a lot of emphasis on the lawyer’s professionalism and experience in the field of family law. As mentioned, this is a very complex field. Practicing this field often requires much more than a flat legal understanding. The lawyer should also understand the various psychological processes that have taken place and brought the different parties in the conflict to act in the way they have.

Therefore, in any case it is not advisable to choose a fresh family lawyer who has just completed his internship – it is advisable to prefer a lawyer with as much experience as possible in the field, who has already experienced many cases of family disputes of various types, and can make the right and relevant consequences for every legal case. Such a lawyer may also be familiar with various cases in which he has not participated himself, in addition to a good acquaintance with the court and the persons acting and present in it.

In addition, one should choose a family law attorney whose specific area of expertise is family law.

This is a very wide field, so the recommendation is to choose a family lawyer who specializes in exactly the same field that your case deals with (whether it is a financial agreement, divorce, inheritance law and more). This way, you can ensure that the lawyer is proficient in the taps of the relevant laws, and can provide you with adequate representation.

Divorce and Family Lawyer

All the way to the stage of signing the agreement, your lawyer will be one of the most significant figures for you. The job of your lawyer is to protect your interests, to make sure that all your rights are protected and especially that you will enter the new chapter in your life when you know that you have received what you deserve and what is best and right for your children. Therefore, your family lawyer should be one that only deals with family law. This area is very complex, sensitive and delicate and requires in-depth familiarity with all the intricacies of the law. Family law should be kept up to date on a daily basis because the ruling is very dynamic.

It is important to have an excellent understanding and familiarity with all the mechanisms and processes that you will have to go through. A lawyer whose area of expertise is family law, will give you great value during this period, and beyond his proficiency of the relevant material and professional experience, he must be able to emotionally embrace you, have high emotional intelligence, be there by your side and be strong for you until the end of the process. So if you are about to divorce, choose a good family lawyer to accompany you, such a lawyer is your key to securing your rights and a smoother exit to the new chapter in your life.

Nice to meet you, my name is Hagit Lev And I'm a certified family lawyer and mediator.

I have chosen to represent and accompany in divorce proceedings because the value of the relationships and family is important and significant to me, and therefore my actions reflect respectful conduct and friction prevention on the one hand, along with an assertive conduct on the other hand, which strives to achieve a divorce agreement that benefits my clients and protects them along the way. I believe a divorce agreement can also come after a bumpy way in court, but it will be done in a way that I have outlined together with my client.

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