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Obviously you have something to lose in a divorce proceeding if you do not manage your actions wisely, Every action or statement you are going to make from now on, will have an impact on the outcome you achieve, so you must come to a counseling session s.a.p 

Family Lawyer Tel Aviv

Quite a few couples unfortunately come to this moment, and according to statistics one in three couples or even more will find themselves in this situation sooner or later. The situation is a divorce, which often comes after a difficult period in marriage or after infidelity and the like. If you too are in this situation where you have decided to release your vows, you must have a professional lawyer who will represent you in court, one who knows the secrets of the law and will reach the best “deal” for you.

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Find a family lawyer in Tel Aviv who is also the best family lawyer in the country

One option is to hire a Tel Aviv family lawyer who will represent you before the other party’s lawyer and the other option is to take a mediator lawyer who will be acceptable to both parties. The role of a divorce lawyer who is a mediator is to prevent disputes and especially to settle them in a pleasant and comfortable way, so if you turn to a lawyer who deals with divorce mediation, you will probably avoid quite a bit of unnecessary headaches and heartache. A mediator is the best option if there is a chance that you will agree on everything, but this may not always suit all couples, especially if there are some disagreements in advance that seems as if no one is likely to compromise his principles.

How to find a divorce lawyer in Tel Aviv or a family lawyer?

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Tel Aviv or anywhere else in the country, you can start your journey online and on social networks. There are quite a few lawyers in this field but you must find a lawyer who will appropriately represent you, in case you have not chosen a mediation procedure. If you have chosen a mediation procedure, you need to choose a mediator lawyer who will execute the divorce procedure quickly and professionally so that both parties will be satisfied. Experience is important in such situations, as well as the professionalism, knowledge, and reliability.

The right choice of divorce lawyers in Tel Aviv

In any case of divorce, one should seek the legal help of a Family Lawyer in Tel Aviv. After all, it is a very delicate process in which a great deal of mistakes can be made without seeking legal help. These mistakes can be extremely critical, both for the parties and for their children who are unwillingly involved in the divorce. In order to prevent any harm to those who are involved, it is very important to seek professional help right at the beginning of the process.

Selecting experienced divorce lawyers in Tel Aviv

Not every divorce lawyer can be a good fit for the task. Choosing a divorce lawyer can be very crucial for the future of both parties and children. You should look for the suitable lawyer with great attention, and of course do not be tempted by the first offer that came up in the search or alternatively for the cheapest one. Some lawyers are more skilled than others, some are more experienced than others. Since this is an area that has a direct impact on the rest of your life and the lives of your children, it is important not to compromise and only choose a lawyer whose specialty is divorce and family law. This article will include some thumb rules and tips for choosing the right lawyer for divorce matters.

Choose a divorce attorney with recommendations in the Family Court

Unlike other laws, in the case of divorce proceedings – there is no one procedure that is exactly similar to another, in a variety of aspects. Even if you have received a recommendation for a divorce lawyer from friends or relatives, there can certainly be a situation where it is a divorce lawyer who has suited their case, but not yours. Therefore, before choosing a lawyer, it is very important to meet the lawyer and form your opinion about him. Only you can determine if this is a person who understands you and the specific circumstances of your case, and can provide you with appropriate legal advice and assistance.

In an initial counseling session the divorce lawyer can learn and understand what is the proper way to take legal action, in the circumstances of your case, as well as recommend ways of action.

Family Law Office

When we choose professionals of any kind, we tend to choose the people who have the most experience in the field and forget about other important things. Even in the area of ​​divorce law, experience plays an important role – but it is worth remembering that this is not the only thing to consider. In the field of divorce law, decades of experience may indicate a lack of modernity and a lack of adaptation to innovative methods and perceptions. The world of relationships and divorce has changed completely over the years, and one should confirm that the Divorce lawyer in Tel Aviv that you are about to choose, has studied and researched these changes and that he will also be able to make use of strategies that are considered innovative.

So what are the differences?

Different divorce lawyers differ from each other, among other things, in the prices they charge. These can be very different and with large span and gaps. As much as this is not natural for us, you should avoid thinking about the price when choosing the most suitable lawyer. 

It is not advisable to turn to the services of a particular lawyer because the price he charges is very cheap, and not the other way around – a price that is significantly more expensive than the market average does not necessarily indicate better service. It should be noted that it is important to make sure what the Tel Aviv Family Lawyer’s service includes, as well as to sign a contract with him, so that things are clear and transparent for you, as a client, and for the lawyer. Again, we will mention the personal interest, which has a special importance in the field of divorce law – even if it is a good and reputable divorce lawyer, who usually charges a high price from his clients – he may not be the most suitable lawyer in your specific case.

עורך דין לענייני משפחה תל אביב

The cost of legal representation consists of several parameters:

The goals and results that the client wants to achieve – in accordance with the legal strategy that will be implemented.

The content of the legal proceedings, such as: custody, alimony, divorce, division of property, additional claims (domestic violence, deportation orders, ‘Ktuba’ claim, business reputation and more ..)

A consultation meeting allows a good understanding of the client’s needs and the amount of work required and pricing is done accordingly – other important information is found for you on the site.

In the divorce of self-employed people there are other economic issues that require legal consideration, such as: division of business property, reputation value, taxation, investments and liabilities, maintaining control of the company, pension, family company, options, shares and more – the detailed answer is on the site.

There are a number of parameters that are important to consider when locating and choosing a divorce lawyer:

  1. Interpersonal ‘chemistry’ – As with any professional, chemistry and emotional connection are critical elements mainly because the divorce process is exhausting and challenging. It is important to choose a professional who can be trusted.
  2. Professionalism – It is important to make sure that the chosen lawyer can get you the maximum you deserve. It is important to ask to see reviews and testimonials from customers who have received from him a service similar to the service you need.
  3. Financial experience – It is important to make sure that the lawyer has knowledge and experience in the economic aspect that is an acute part of the divorce process. The divorce process contains many financial matters and requires creativity and broad understanding – the full answer is presented in the website.

There are several ways in which legal action can be taken. Each way has its own advantages, disadvantages and consequences. After the attorney meets with the client and understands the whole picture and the specific case, you can select and implement the appropriate legal strategy – details on the site.

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