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The Lev Law Firm is a unique firm that provides a service to the client, which is both sensitive to the customer situation and powerful in terms of deep knowledge of the nitty-gritty of the legal practice, resulting in achievements which are often way above the common standard

The professional knowledge Attorney Hagit Lev has accumulated over many years and her personal involvement in the entire legal proceeding, yields the best results possible

Lev Hagit – Family Law and Divorce Attorney

Attorney Hagit Lev has been working in the field exclusively and in a unique manner for 17 years. she is a Family mediator and general mediator. She has undergone training in divorce in cooperation. She is a member of the Commission for Family Matters and of the False Complaints Committee of the Israel Bar Association. She is a lecturer of family law and mediation at the College of Management. She is an Active participant in the Knesset’s committees that examine the crisis of the nuclear family in Israel. She is one of the leaders in everything regarding rulings and judicial verdicts in the field of family law.

Attorney Hagit Lev represents senior business people in complicated divorce proceedings.

This requires creativity and the formulation of a unique legal strategy, while taking into consideration the specific client’s needs, as well as understanding the point of view of the other party and of the opposing counsel. I believe that aggressive representation alone does not serve the client’s interests, but only their ego. That is why is it important to manage the proceedings with determination and wisdom. In order to address all of the client’s business related needs, I work in cooperation with financial, capital market and economical experts.

In addition, the firm works in cooperation with professionals in the fields of treatment and psychology, in order to provide help for the client and their family, and especially in order to provide tools for coping with the emotional aspect of the client and their children.

The firm deals with complex divorce agreements

Attorney Hagit Lev has many years of experience in representing couples in Family Courts and in Rabbinical Courts. She has developed a specific expertise in everything relating to drafting and building agreements for fair distribution of the joint property while using the business experience she has accumulated. All this is part of her expertise in everything relating to family law and business. Advocate Lev has obtained knowledge both in the civil

rulings of the civil courts and in the Halachic rulings of the Rabbinical Courts as well over the course of her legal studies and the vocational training which she diligently takes on a yearly basis. Attorney Lev has the ability to edit an agreement that will include all the possible loopholes in each and every case in accordance with the situations she faces.

Hagit Lev Law Firm prepares prenuptial agreements

The Firm has acquired specific proficiency in everything relating to drafting and constructing prenuptial agreements. Attorney Lev accompanies the client while providing advisory services in the fields of economy, real estate and the capital markets. This manner of service enables her to provide her clients with optimal coverage of most of the options and the tools that will defend their assets and their rights as part of the prenuptial agreement.

The Hagit Lev Law Firm has personal connections and is represented in European and American law firms

Proper representation of business people who speak foreign languages who are also active in other countries requires partnerships with foreign law firms who deal with and specialize in Family law. In order to provide our clients with the best representation, these meetings are accompanied by advice from lawyers who are native French and English speakers. Other legal experts that speak different languages are sought as required.

Hagit Lev Law Firm fights against the phenomenon of pressing false charges

Experience shows that there is a relation between the level of income and the severity of the complaint. Attorney Lev lectures both in committees of the Israeli Knesset as well as in academic meetings in universities and colleges about the damaging of moral ethics that accompanies, at times, the emotions of both sides, which unfortunately use the tool of pressing false charges to the police in a corrupt way.

Hagit Lev Law Firm is one of the initiators and drafters of the parliamentary bills

In the last few years, the firm has successfully led the trend to cancel and amend the unjust law clauses in the field of family law, and all this with close participation with women’s and men’s organizations.

Practive Areas

Attorney Hagit Lev specializes in personal status law: divorce cases, divorce agreements, property disputes between spouses, child support and alimony cases, minor custody cases, common-law marriages, same-sex couples, fatherhood, adoption, prenuptial agreements, wills and estates, family violence cases, guardianship cases and mediation.

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