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Civil and Commercial lawyer

We have extensive experience in conducting legal proceedings in a variety of areas of civil and commercial law and offer our clients the advantage of the legal knowledge we have accumulated over our years of experience in these fields.

The term civil law refers to a wide spectrum of legal fields and is not limited to a single specific field.


Civil laws essentially cover all the legal matters between man and his fellow man. This category of laws includes such fields as torts law, which addresses damage caused by one person to another; contract law – as its name suggests, this covers the entire realm of contracts and addresses questions such as how to make a contract, how to implement the provisions for a breach of contract when that happens, etc.; family law – all the legal aspects of the relationship between spouses, including divorce, the division of property, wills, etc.

Commercial lawyer

Commercial law is one of the main fields of law covered by the term civil law. This legal field addresses the laws relating to commercial companies and dictates the procedures for how to establish a company and conversely, how to dismantle one, in the event of bankruptcy, for example. Our office is one of the prominent Israeli law firms in commercial law arena, and offers clients the services of some of the most esteemed experts in Israel in this field. Our clients include some of the largest publicly traded companies in Israel as well as companies traded on Nasdaq and many small and medium-sized business owners.

The lawyers, accountants and economists at our office have extensive experience in waging complex civil/commercial legal battles between business partners, shareholders, parties to contracts, building contractors, service providers/consumers, etc.

In this context our office has dealt with countless commercial cases throughout Israel, covering the legal, economic and accounting aspects of the cases and finding original claims and solutions based on our knowledge of commercial and business law and on our deep understanding of economics and accounting. This includes our skills in analyzing ledgers and financial reports, identifying errors and ultimately assisting our client to attain the goals he defined for himself at the beginning of the process. In order to provide the best possible service to each commercial client we assemble a team of expert commercial lawyers, accountants, and economists who examine all the relevant facts and together guide the client’s case toward originality, clarity and success.

For further information and an initial consultation on our range of civil/commercial legal solutions, please contact us at your convenience and we will be happy to offer you the services of our best experts in this field!

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