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Capital Market

The securities and capital market department at Lev Law Firm is among the most active and varied in Israel. The department is among the leaders in this field and is consistently ranked among the highest quality firms by legal guides in Israel and abroad.

Over the years the firm’s experts have acquired vast experience in providing advice on securities and the capital market to some of the largest publicly traded companies in Israel.

This advice has influenced various activities by the companies, including the issuing of shares and bonds on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, dual listing on foreign bourses, private capital and bond issues in Israel and abroad, some of the largest and most complex merger and acquisition agreements between publicly traded companies, going-private transactions, selling off layers of pyramidal conglomerate structures in compliance with the Anti-Concentration Law and transactions by controlling shareholders.

We have also provided legal advice to corporate managements, boards of directors and audit committees, particularly in matters such as company reorganization and debt restructuring, upsizing and downsizing, remuneration policy and remuneration plans for functionaries, stock options for employee, compliance programs, distribution of dividends, due diligence, outsourcing and privatization.

We represent to the Israel Securities Authority, from the preliminary application stage through rounds of fund raising and bond issues, as well as various issues that arise throughout the company commercial operations. We also represent our clients to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, rating agencies, underwriters, trustees and other regulatory bodies. In addition, we assist our clients in the preparation of various reports and statements that must be submitted in compliance with the Securities Law and its regulations.

Many clients contact this department pursuant to our participation in hundreds of shares issues and complex transactions, including some that set trailblazing precedents, such as the first spin-off under Section 105 of the Income Tax Ordinance – involving a publicly traded company whose shares are traded both on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and on the American Stock Exchange; the first redemption of bonds under the Anti-Concentration Law; a unique process of registering bonds issued by an international offering for institutional trading; participation in the first public offering of a limited partnership in Israel and registering its units for trade on the stock exchange.

This department’s clientele come from a wide variety of business sectors, including the oil and gas industries, banking and insurance, holding companies, automotive, real estate, high technology, biotech companies and the capital market.

The department is headed a seasoned lawyer who has extensive experience of over 18 years in the capital market and securities field, and formerly headed the corporations department in the Israel Securities Authority. She has handled the complex legal needs of dozens of clients, which have included all aspects of corporate law, securities and the capital market.

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